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A Spark from All Saints Anglican Church

From Winnipeg
, Manitoba, 
 Diocese of Rupert's Land

What is one learning you would like to share?

We were surprised by our ability to adapt to the changing restrictions posed by Covid-19 and continue to connect with our congregation (perhaps even more thoroughly than pre-Covid) and maintain a sense of community.  The challenge posed by Covid-19 revealed a greater potential for us to respond to our changing context.

What is one question you would like others to wrestle with as well?

We have grown and been stretched by the experience of the last year and challenged to really live Jesus’ ministry/love in this changing world.  How do we retain the things we’ve learned and how we’ve grown, and move forward with them – not slipping back to the old ways and routines that we’re used to.

What is one hope you would like to offer?

The experience of this past year has “re-formed” us – making us more aware of the suffering of others.  We hope that we can continue the momentum and energy and continue to build wider connections with our congregation and community.

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