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A Spark from Cathedral of the Holy Trinity

From Quebec City
, Quebec, 
 Diocese of Quebec

The poem was composed as the second wave of the global pandemic was manifesting itself in Canada. Its tone is optimistic, positive, serene and contemplative, to reflect the poet’s innate thoughts and feelings.

The poem’s stanza structure is quatrain, and the metrical scale is iambic tetrameter with a Rubaiyat rhyme scheme (AABA).
The source of the inspiration is entirely literal but the interpretation could conceivably be figurative.

Isaiah’s inspiring words after the exile of the Israelites in 587 B.C. continue to motivate and encourage our 2021 A.D. confinement, as we envision a bright future guided by a loving Father whose Son gave his life for our redemption!

—Philip John.

Mount Upon The Wings Of Eagles!

Mount atop wisdom of sages,
Mount above emotion’s rages,
Mount upon the wings of eagles,
Surmounting confining cages!

Realistic scenes on easels,
Realistic flights o’er steeples,
Realistic transcendent vale,
Born from ancient earth upheavals!

Behold the mighty forest dale,
Behold the owl and squirrel pale,
Behold the ransomed and redeemed,
Symbiotically prevail!

Exult of blossoms just exhumed,
Exult of wilderness esteemed,
Exult of leaping harts assert,
Icy frigidity entombed!

Streams sustaining a parched desert,
Streams dry barren souls subvert,
Streams of living waters flowing,
Blessings perennially convert!

Highway visions awe inspiring,
Highway holiness revealing,
Highway sorrows forthwith depart,
High tranquility descending!

Triumph inspirations impart,
Triumph reflects the set apart,
Triumph sounds on mountain ranges,
Triumphal hymns from the rampart!

Eagle glides ascend in stages,
Eagle wings uplift God’s aegis,
Eagle soaring through the ages,
Eagle of Isaiah’s pages!

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