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A Spark from Spiritual Friends group 2

From communities
 across the country

1. What is one learning you would like to share?

We are learning how resilient our people are and how much they want to worship. This has surfaced further learning about what and where the church is, how little property and structure the Gospel actually requires, and how accessible it can be. It will take courage to live this lightly.

2. What is one question you would like others to wrestle with as well?

What are we doing about the lost ones: members of our congregations who have died, those that have disengaged, and the young, racially and economically diverse who have fallen away?

What is our role in a society where people can individually access spirituality through numerous media available to them?

3. What hopes for the future and signs of new life is the Spirit showing us?

Our hope is that there will be enough time given to grieve and care for ourselves so that coming out of the pandemic we do not fall back into the old “normal” but that we will be transformed for the new journey ahead.

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