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A Spark from St. Mary’s Kerrisdale

From Vancouver
, British Columbia, 
 Diocese of New Westminster

1. What is one learning you would like to share?

  • Intimacy can be established online, and sometime allows for deeper vulnerability and sharing.
  • Emphasize the things that have done that are positive in order to build a future of hope.
  • Community is more than just our buildings.

2. What is one question you would like others to wrestle with as well?

  • How do we let/grieve dying structures/ministries in the wake of Covid, especially when corporate grief (funerals) haven’t been part of our common life for the past 18 months?
  • How do we move forward in a community/world still paralyzed/traumatized by covid and individual risk thresholds?
  • What is our role as Christians? Where is god leading us?

3. What is one hope you would like to offer?

  • Range of diversity we hadn’t realized within our community, unity through diversity.
  • Opportunity to look at our world in a new way, reclaiming a lens of abundance.

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