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A Spark from Trinity Anglican Church

From Cambridge
, Ontario, 
 Diocese of Huron

1. What is one learning you would like to share?

Tolerance, acceptance, flexibility

2. What is one question you would like others to wrestle with as well?

How can we be more forgiving of other people’s anger, actions, words?

3. What is one hope you would like to offer?

Healer of Our Every Ill (Common Praise, #612)


Healer of our every ill, light of each tomorrow, give us peace beyond our fear, and hope beyond our sorrow.

  1. You who know our fears and sadness, grace us with your peace and gladness. Spirit of all comfort: fill our hearts. Refrain
  2. In the pain and joy beholding how your grace is still unfolding, give us all your vision: God of love. Refrain
  3. Give us strength to love each other, every sister, every brother. Spirit of all kindness: be our guide. Refrain
  4. You who know each thought and feeling, teach us all your way of healing. Spirit of compassion: fill each heart. Refrain

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