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A Spark from Cathedral of the Holy Trinity

From Quebec City
, Quebec, 
 Diocese of Quebec

The poem was composed as the news of a prophylactic vaccine being made available to the public was revealed. Its tone is optimistic, positive, serene and contemplative, to reflect the poet’s innate thoughts and feelings.

The poem’s stanza structure is quatrain, and the metrical scale is iambic tetrameter with a Rubaiyat rhyme scheme (AABA).

The source of the inspiration is entirely literal but the interpretation could conceivably be figurative.

Imagine a world without wars! Imagine the lion dying down with the lamb and the Good Shepherd leading them! Imagine the disappearance of swords, spears, guns and bombs and their replacement with flowers, beauty, harmony and love!

—Philip John

Beating Swords Into Ploughshares!

Beating sharp swords into ploughshares,
Beating back all our worst nightmares,
Beating spears into pruning hooks,
Heartbeat of life’s sublime welfares!

Beguiling themes of stirring books,
Beguiling dreams of comely looks,
Beguiling streams of fields fertile,
Reflections in clear country brooks!

Transformation from war erstwhile,
Transformation shuns strife hostile,
Transformation to peace divine,
Entrancing, blissful and worthwhile!

Vision of nature when benign,
Vision of sunset’s grand design,
Vision of arousing rapture,
Perceptions profoundly outshine!

Rainbow o’er horizon’s pasture,
Rainbow spurs creative capture,
Rainbow of Maker generous,
Kindling self-esteem and stature!

Recall the ancient exodus,
Recall the journey perilous,
Recall the lion with the lamb,
Salvation so incredulous!

Nurturing water from the dam,
Nurturing nutrient wild yam,
Nurturing mother’s tender cares,
Exuding warmth around the pram!

Gleaming grey glistening thoroughfares,
Gleaming gloaming autumn hectares,
Gleaming glimpse and nothing compares,
Gleaming grace bestowed unawares!

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