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A Spark from Cathedral of the Holy Trinity

From Quebec City
, Quebec, 
 Diocese of Quebec

The poem was composed in the early days of the global pandemic and its tone is optimistic, positive, serene and contemplative, to reflect the poet’s innate thoughts and feelings.

The poem’s stanza structure is quatrain, and the metrical scale is iambic tetrameter with a Rubaiyat rhyme scheme (AABA).
The source of the inspiration is entirely literal but the interpretation could conceivably be figurative.

The teaching of the Messiah is rich with the Promise of Hope!

—Philip John

Joy Cometh In The Morning!

In the pristine dawn of waking,
In the unseen din of chirping,
In dismissing bland sleep’s bondage,
Hark! Joy cometh early morning!

Ever peaking curves of carnage,
Ever tolling bells acknowledge,
Ever mounting number somber,
Yields to sun rays that encourage!

Softly piercing mists of slumber,
Softly tracing ghosts that linger,
Softly the grim reaper’s harvest,
Honors loved ones cast in amber!

Rising high above the tempest,
Rising sky heralds the conquest,
Rising through the daybreak lightly,
Discerns enraptured souls at rest!

Borne on wings of eagles lofty,
Borne upon trusting Almighty,
Borne of daily inspiration,
Springs upliftment blooming brightly!

Gentle groan of tribulation,
Gentle moan of liberation,
Gentle drone of bumble bee flight,
Exudes divine affirmation!

Release through doleful dread of night,
Release into mysterious light,
Release unto dreams enchanting,
Echoes of fear and pain despite!

Thus ensuing twilight’s weeping,
Thus nurturing heavenly blessing,
Thus dispelling wistful mourning,
Hark! Joy cometh early morning!


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